Saturday, February 20, 2010


Over Christmas I did a few paintings for family and friends. Here are a few of them. The picture quality is not that great, but at least you can get the idea. :)

This was one for a sweet friend of mine who was having twins. She used this in her nursery.

This is a gift for another sweet friend of mine. Just a message from God.

Razorback block for my razorback fan friend!

This is a moose outline for my brother and sister in law.

I know I'm not an expert or anything, but it's a great stress releiver. It's just really relaxing to me. I just like to play around with colors, etc. :)

Valentine's Day

There has been so much happening in our lives over the past few months, but I wanted to write about our Valentine's Day for sure. I am trying to use this blog as a reminder of the small and large moments that God brings into our lives.
This Valentine's Day James went above and beyond for me. First, he had tulips sent to work on Thursday. They were absolutely gorgeous. Then on Friday I was surprised with a dozen gourment chocolate covered strawberries! They were beautiful, and VERY yummy as well. I had been giving him small presents along the way as well, such as: a dvd he wanted, chocolates, and a necklace for his cross.

We ended up going to Tulsa on Saturday to run some errands. We went to Cheesecake factory and had a great meal. We had an awesome piece of strawberry cheesecake. Then later that night we drove over to Miami, OK to go to The Ultimate Date Night. It was a couple that did a comedy and marriage night. It was pretty fun. We got to the church early to pick up our tickets. When we went in, a VERY nice gentleman invited us to join them for their dinner. I was very reluctant, but we went anyway. The chicken was to die for!!!! Everyone was very friendly. James kept saying, "This is how the family of Christ is supposed to be." We felt like we were at home. We drove home late that night and collapsed!! But, it was a fun day.

Then on Valentine's Day we went to church and that evening we went to Ruth's Chris for dinner. It was fabulous! So, our Valentine's Day was a fun one, and I think we both felt very special and loved!
I'm thankful for the man that God has given to me!!! He is truly a God-send. I love you James!

Here are the strawberries....YUM!

The box that they came in...

The tulips. They were gorgeous! They are even prettier when they open up all the way!

These were the beautiful daisies and calli lillies that James got me the weekend before Valentine's Day week. They were incredible as well!! I LOVE flowers!


Christmas 2009
I didn't take very many Christmas pictures this year. Here are a few, though.

Christmas tree with presents.

The snowman Christmas cookie.

Various decorated cookies.

A few close ups.

James the "Head" cookie decorator!

We really had a fun Christmas. After Christmas we left and headed to Mississippi for a few days. It was beautiful there. However, there is something wrong about being at the beach and the weather being in the 30's. It just made me wish for the summer a little more. After staying a few days in Ocean Springs, we headed back toward Atlanta to enjoy New Year's with our family. It was fun as always!! Lots of laughing and talking. It was a wonderful Christmas break!!!

Ordination Service

While in Florida we also had a church dedication and ordination for one of our church friends. Here are some pictures. James was also ordained to Pastor at that service. Here are some various pictures.

Pastor and Nina being admonished and ordained by Bishop

Pastor admonishing Curt's family


James telling stories about Curt

Pastor Stephens talking during the service

Labor Day

In September of 2009, we met up with our church family in Orlando, Fl. We stayed at our favorite resort! It is incredible!!! Then we went to Walt Disney World. Here are a few pictures from the weekend. :)