Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our 1 year anniversary

This past Sunday was our 1 year anniversary. We have learned many lessons over the past year of our marriage. We had a pretty low key anniversary,but it was a lot of fun for us to spend time together. We are spending a week in Hawaii this summer as part of our anniversary/ vacation. James also drastically updated my wedding band set. It is gorgeous, and I was totally shocked with it. I absolutely love it. I in turn bought James a new pistol that he had been wanting. He has developed a new passion for gun ownership over the past year. (I just thought I wasn't marrying a man like my dad...ha ha) Here is a picture of our cake from Sunday. (It was not the design that I had ordered, but it was still yummy. I wanted it to look like our wedding cake. :( oh well..) Thank you to all of you that have prayed for us over the past year. We look forward to the many more things that God has in store for us for the rest of our lives.