Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hawaii Trip

Well the week I had been waiting for finally arrived!!! We were off to Hawaii for a whole week. I was so excited. It started off with a couple of flights. The longest one was from Dallas to the island of Maui! It ended up being a very long day. The last flight was 8 hours long. It was hard for me to be cooped up that long, but I had done even longer flights on several of my mission trips. I felt really sorry for James being confined to that small area for that long. At 6'6'' it's hard to fit your legs into those little areas they called seats on the airplane. Thankfully, we survived and arrived safely in Maui.

On Sunday, we got there and found our condo resort. It ended up being a great place to stay. It was very family oriented and was not crowded at all. It was beach front and had 2 different pool areas. These two areas ended up being great places to just relax and read. I spent several hours there throughout the week!