Saturday, August 8, 2009

Random pictures from Hawaii trip

Random pictures from Halakalea and The Road to Hana.....

Halakalea Volcano

We decided that we would get up early one morning and go and see the sunrise at the volcano crater. The drive up the mountain was amazing! It was extremely curvy!! The road was pitch black on the way there, so we really couldn't see just how crazy the drive really was! The crater was really pretty however at sunrise. The temperature was about 40 degrees the morning we went. I was wrapped up in beach towels and a blankets, and I was still freezing! These are the pictures from the volcano.

Hawaii- Road to Hana

At the end of June, James and I travelled to Hawaii. It had a dual purpose. The main one was to have a memorial service for James' father, and we also used it to celebrate our one year anniversary. Hawaii turned out to be just as beautiful as everyone raves about. There were so many times that I was just in awe of the beauty that surrounded us! God showed himself as a Creator over and over to us. It was amazing!
One of the first places we went was the road to Hana. (This is also the place where we did the impromptu memorial). It was truly an experience. The road is crazy!!! It is mostly a one lane road with huge cliffs on either side. Of course, the most beautiful part is the back side of the island. This is also where they say you shouldn't go, and where the rental companies forbid you to go. Of course, we had to be rebels on that aspect. I absolutely loved it there. The black sand beaches, the views of the ocean, and the waterfalls made it fabulous! (Pictures above) Essentially this road was an all day trip around the island. It was truly worth all the time it took to drive the whole length of the road. (Ignore the time stamp...)