Monday, January 19, 2009


Well, the last few weeks have been life lessons for James and I. On January 2, 2009 James' dad passed away unexpectantly. He had just been at our house visiting for a few weeks. This had been a great time for James and he to really concentrate on that Father- Son relationship, etc. James' dad (Jim) had become a Christian a few months earlier and had totally made a life change. He desired more than anything to be faithful to His Lord and to follow the things that he was learning from other strong Christian men. The weekend before he died we had all gone to church together. James was able to see his father truly worship God in a way that James never thought he'd see. It was incredible. We had prayer as a family and just asked God to lead us all into whatever ministry opportunities that HE had planned for us over the coming year. It was really a blessing. Now, Jim is gone, but oh the blessing and assurance to know that he is truly with our Father! All those questions that he had for James and I are now answered. He doesn't have to just read about God, he's with him now eternally. We miss his calls and his humor, but we are at peace knowing he is with our Father! What a blessing!!